Bloody internet cutout, created one line at a time
A blog and a refuge for the inane

Fingernails on a chalkboard


Okay, time to set down some rules to commit to in this void, a void I shout into til it's finally good. It can only be good ultimately, when I decide to pull my life together and make some rules for my creative pursuits. I want to start writing again, I want to join some groups or something, I actually warm to the idea of people reading my work again. I write horror and the like, whatever floats my boat but it mostly matches my music- which I need to commit to. I have an excellent writing partner for it right now, I need to commit to my theory studies and work on it everyday. Practice everyday is a given at this point. Next is this site,really, which I want weekly posts to and additions to on most days, from subtle improvements to new pages. This site is gonna survive and be my digital footprint hopefully. Heres my promise within my abilities to keep this place going and ever expand this hell. Let's keep it as authentic as possible suppliants!

I got distracted


The title says it all really, I got distracted. This place has been sat on my mind for a long time and I really want to turn it into something worth a damn to me and worth a damn puting on the net. The upheaval of the last 3 months has been so much i've basically regressed into nothing once again. I haven't written or coded but my music has taken off, now that I have been fortunate in finding people to play with. Learning music theory and production software is my challenge going into 2020, as well as heightened self documentation and work. I used to be driven to improve socially but that's fallen to the wayside, I hope to pick that up once more in the new decade. Things to drop include social media of most kinds- a formality to my family and friends will be kept up but to fade to ghost like status would be beautiful if I could have it. Expect frequent additions to this place.

All I your soul


It's been a lengthy two days working on this and I can finally look over it and cringe a little less. The site still feels as if it is falling apart and on fire, yet, I feel somewhat prideful that I have at least some understanding of CSS and HTML. My main issue now, going forward, is what I want to put on here. I mainly started this as a bit of fun to distract me during a stressful summer, but I would like to use it as a genuine blog and display of my writing, which I have hardly shared before, at least with the world at large. I may link to other social media places of mine, but honestly, the lack of it is refreshing and it's not like I use twitter much anyhow. This should be the most authentic of my sites and I hope to do it justice. Afterall, I did create it myself.